About Us

LLC Vostokflot service, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, is one of the country leading private transportation companies involved in petroleum and petrochemical product storage, rail and container freight forwarding, project cargo and heavy lift logistics, auto haulage, warehouse logistics, ship management, agency services and ocean freight.

Main Activities:
  • Oil and chemical cargo transportation.
  • Discharge of oil and oil products from railroad.
  • Loading of crude oil and petroleum products by sea.
  • Storage of petroleum and petrochemical products.
  • Loading and dispatch of crude oil by rail.
  • Loading of crude oil and petroleum products by sea.
  • Oil products storage and transhipment.
  • Motor gasoline, including aviation fuel Oil (storage and shipping).
  • Railway and pipeline transportation.
  • Vessels Insurance.

LLC Vostokflot Service is financially sound, with a head count of over 150 skilled employees, the reputation and finance resources the company ensures timely execution of complex large-scale long-term projects.

Vostokflot service, as a private Organisation, is a well-established Shipping Company providing total transport, storage and logistics solutions. At LLC Vostokflot service, one can meet a hard working team, known for loyalty and long relationship with all Collaborators. Its ability to identify and execute the most appropriate transportation and storage solutions to meet successfully customer’s needs and expectations has been repeatedly proved.

LLC Our modern offices, the advanced logistics systems and the flexible set up of our Company, providing local offices at all seaport in Russian Federation as well as in Rotterdam seaport, Houston sea port and Mersin port turkey, guaranteeing fast feedback with positive results to our respective clients.


Vostokflot LLC has a diversified client base, which includes:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Other industries’ Manufacturers and traders:
  • Government agencies and enterprises:
  • Independent oil refineries;
  • Vertically integrated oil companies.